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Roxy Cooley Art

This is my beautiful friend Roxy, an incredible eye for colour and texture and a love for intrinsically Australian landscapes and flora.

Here is how she got started written by the talented lady herself.

As told by Roxy...

"Stemming from a childhood spent in the Pilliga scrub, the Australian landscape & flora are the subjects of my heart - wild, unruly, interesting and so beautiful.

Many hours were spent wandering through the bush with my determined and fit Oma who's love of Australian flora & fauna left an imprint on my young soul. She would collect & dry seed pods & flowers, and arrange them so beautifully, I've realized that this is also largely my practice as a person and as a painter.

Today, I have an Australian native garden on the edge of the bush where I gather my seed pods, blooms and foliage to create still life pieces that bring colour and joy into the home. When I'm not working on a still life piece, I am rendering a landscape that has inspired me, the coastline in particular is a constant source of inspiration.

Whilst creating has always been second nature, painting became my medium when I successfully completed a body of work for my HSC, which went onto Art Express and sold, funding my first car - needless to say it was a cheapie! I went on to study Horticulture though and only now am I painting as a part time occupation. I feel my background in Horticulture still influences my work, I especially have a passion for native flora, shining a light on its understated beauty."



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